Crisis help and guidance
The MiRA Centre provides crisis help and legal assistance to minority women and young girls regarding their rights and opportunities in Norwegian society. The purpose of crisis help is to enable women to improve their self-esteem and build confidence while receiving practical help from our advisors. We also help with guidance concerning financial problems, domestic crises, generational conflicts and problems with residence permits, etc. We have qualified advisors with relevant backgrounds who provide crisis help. We also offer free legal counseling once a week, every Wednesday (evening) and Thursday (daytime). Our opening hours are Monday to Friday 9 am – 4 pm (Wednesday 9 am – 7 pm). Contact us >>

Debate and dialogue
The MiRA Centre arranges debates and dialogue meetings for all women. Women and young girls themselves choose the topics for discussions. The purpose of these gatherings is to come together and raise awareness about the imporant social and political issues which affect our lives as minorities.  We also arrange support groups for women and young girls who want to become more familiar with their own resources and strengths. The groups deal with issues of self help while at the same time giving the opportunity to build a network and get to know the other women. If you would like to participate in support groups, please contact The MiRA Centre in advance. The groups are free and child care is available!

“Let Me Speak” Assertiveness Training
The MiRA Centre focuses on encouraging young girls to assert themselves and teaching them to use their voices through role play in the public arena. The women deal with issues of self-confidence and learn communication skills. These training courses are useful for women of all ages who wish to express themselves in all types of settings.

Evening activities
The MiRA Centre invites, all women with minority backgrounds, once a week to an informal, pleasant evening at our centre. The purpose of these evening gatherings is for women to come together and get to know each other and share their experiences.  It is also an important opportunity for social networking.

Meeting place for young girls
Young girls with minority backgrounds can find inspiration and a sense of belonging at The MiRA Centre. We have a network group especially for young girls and they hold activities, meetings and seminars around topics that are relevant to their lives. 

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