The MiRA Centre invites everyone to themed evening get-togethers held at our premises at Storgata 38. We would like that women in our network have the opportunity to meet and discuss relevant themes that concern girls and women with minority backgrounds. The meetings start with an introduction from guest speakers. After this it is open for discussion among interested participants. The MiRA Centre arranges regular seminars that address relevant themes for girls and women with minority backgrounds.

The MiRA Centre focuses on self-organizing and we place a strong emphasis on network building both locally and nationally. We want minority women’s position in society to be strengthened so that they become a visible force in Norwegian society by their own efforts. The centre also arranges annual networking conferences for women and young girls. These conferences are meant to create a space for dialogue and debate around important issues.

Training and Workshops
The MiRA Centre offers an extensive choice of training courses and workshops, including dance, healthcare and stress reduction for women and girls with minority backgrounds. We also offer opportunities for single mothers to meet and support groups to discuss issues such as health, school, Norwegian laws and rules, expectations and rights. We also hold workshops for representatives of institutions working with immigrants and refugees, volunteers, health sector employees and educators at the central, regional and local level regarding forced marriage, genital mutilation, mental health, sexuality, identity, etc. Contact us for more information or if you want us to facilitate you with organizing a workshops or interactive group activities.

Becoming visible in the community requires active information work and The MiRA Centre publishes both audiovisual and written information material. We publish a journal, The MiRA Magazine, twice a year, which we are now turning into a web-based magazine. Our past issues are available on our website. In addition, resource personnel associated with The MiRA Centre offer a number of lecture series. Our competence in this field after 30 years of work is unique. To learn more about our lecture series or school campaign, contact us >>