A large user group at the MiRA-Centre is young girls from minority backgrounds – and many of their inquiries revolve around relationships related to body and sexuality. An important focus for us is therefore preventive activities that promote girls’ right to self-determination over their own body and sexuality – and we also offer advice and guidance to young girls and others on issues related to the topic.

The «Hymen»

A recurring theme of minority girls’ inquiries to us about body and sexuality is linked to the «hymen». Many young girls from minority backgrounds who have had a sexual relationship before marriage experience a major psychological stress associated with the fear that someone in the family or in a potentially future in-laws will discover that she is not a virgin.

The MiRA Centre conducts comprehensive guidance to the auxiliary services in such cases. To the young girls themselves, the MiRA Centre is supporting them in sorting their fears and getting to the bottom of what they really want.

If you have questions about body and/or sexuality, would like input or to discuss with someone else about these matters, please contact the MiRA Centre on krisehjelp@mirasenteret.no. On our webpage you can also contact us on our chat. You find it down in the right corner on our frontpage: www.mirasenteret.no

The MiRA-Centre is a knowledge bank in various minority issues, offering training, lectures and consultancy services based on our areas of expertise. If you would like to hear more about these offers, or would like to book such services, please contact us on post@mirasenteret.no

The centre have also published different free broschure relating to this themes. You can have a look at some of them under.