The individuals in today’s culturally complex society often hold complex and diverse identities.” Who am I?” and “Where Do I Belong?” are some of the basic questions we all ask ourselves at least once in our lives.

The questions seek to define our personal identity and have always been important to people of all cultures. In an increasingly diverse world, it has become even harder to find easy answers. This is especially true for minorities who on the one hand want to express their cultural peculiarity, while they are at the same time expected to assimilate themselves in the wider community. Often it results in oppositional protest identities that can limit the potential of development of individuals.

The MiRA Centre works in a way that raises awareness of women and young girls on their identity and their place in both the family and society. Through holistic empowerment-directed offerings and activities, we want each woman to be able to build on her own resources and thus have greater conditions for integration into working life and in their communities.

Read more about the offer “Mothers as guiders” and our work with and for young girls here!

Do you work closely with young girls and women with a background of miniority? The MiRA-Centre is a knowledge bank in various minority issues and offers training, lectures and consultancy services based on our areas of expertise. If you would like to hear more about these offers, please contact us on