The Mira Centre’s activities are based on an ideal of an equal society where all people –regardless of gender, religion, ethnicity, culture and sexuality – have equal opportunities and rights.

In particular, we work against racial gender discrimination: the MiRA-Centre has pointed out for several years that while ethnic Norwegian women’s rights are protected through the Equality Act, ethnic minority women fall outside this law. Their everyday life is determined by the Immigration Act or the current immigration policy at all times.

It is a reality for many ethnic minority women that their participation in the public space is limited not only by their gender, but also by their ethnic and religious affiliation. In other words, they experience ethnic, religious and racial gender discrimination. It has been an important matter of equality for minority women to highlight that they experience discrimination based on several factors both in the labour market, the housing market and elsewhere in society.

The MiRA Centre is working hard to expand the concept of gender equality to include the reality of minority women. We conduct extensive information activities, through publications, consultation statements, networks, meetings, conferences and lectures – and we emphasize empowerment-directed measures to strengthen minority women’s – and the plight of young girls.

The MiRA-Centre is a centre with competence in various minority issues, offering training, lectures and consultancy services based on our areas of expertise. If you would like to hear more about these offers, or would like to book such services, please contact us on