For many years, the MiRA Center has seen that minority women, especially those outside working life, are a vulnerable group. They often lack basic swimming training, and are without an opportunity to attend first aid training. Many studies also show that families with a minority background are extra exposed to injuries in the form of, among other things, drowning and incineration.

Join us to strengthen first aid preparedness!

In recent years, the MiRA Center has therefore focused on increased first aid knowledge in the minority population in Oslo and offered first aid courses and workshops in combination with swimming training.

The work has led to great local involvement and many minority women today appear to be a very important resource for highlighting the importance of this work at the local level. Now that we have received funding for a national initiative, we will inspire minority women in elongated Norway to get involved in first aid preparedness.

Part of the national program: “Together we save lives”!

Our work is part of the national program: “Together we save lives!” under the auspices of the Norwegian Directorate of Health. The work aims to contribute to an increased knowledge about first aid within the Norwegian community. Through support from the Gjensidige Foundation, the MiRA Center will in particular contribute to increasing the knowledge of minority women and make their important role in first aid preparedness visible.

By joining, you can also contribute to the charity’s goal of saving 200 lives each year.

First aid course at the MiRA Center!

We will arrange regular first aid courses and workshops at the MiRA Center, which are free and all women who wish can participate. The courses are specially adapted for minority women and by participating in regular workshops after the first aid courses, we repeat the knowledge together. This way we can reassure each other in daring to act in a serious situation.

You must get involved!

Together with other minority women at the MiRA Center, you can strengthen your first aid knowledge and become an important resource that contributes to increased safetyness, both at home, in the local community or when you participate in leisure activities such as swimming.

Contact the MiRA Center at if you are interested in knowing more about first aid and want to sign up for one of our courses. Please also contact us if you are working with minoritywomen and are interested in more information about what we can offer.

It is also possible to order our information brochure about first aid here!