The MiRA Centre has developed a method based on minoritywomens own resources to contribute to the empowerment of mothers with a minority background. This is done by offering different courses and training selected mothers to become supervisors for other women with a minority background in thei local communities, so that the knowledge they have learned through our courses is passed on.

The MiRA Center’s course series “Mothers as guiders” aims to increase women’s knowledge of their own and their children’s rights, contribute to optimism and self-confidense in upbringing, and contribute to a strongher mentally health and increase participation among mothers with a minority background both within community and in the working life. The method we use is use-controlled, meaning the women themselves are involved in proposing, developing and planning the activities, events and themes for the courses. This helps to give the women a more adapted offer where they feel that their expreinces and voices are play an important part. Through this method, it is the women themselves who control the content of the activities they consider relevant to their daily lives.

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