The MiRA Center invites to theme evenings in our premises at Storgata 35a. We want our users and our network to have the opportunity to meet and discuss current topics concerning girls and women with a minority background. The meetings start with contributions from invited resource persons. Then it opens for discussion between the presenters and other participants. The MiRA Center regularly arranges seminars that deal with current topics for girls and women with a minority background.


The MiRA Center is a place for self-organization where we put emphasis on networking both locally and nationally. We want the position of minority women in society to be strengthened so that they become visible on their own terms. The center also organizes annual networking seminars for women and young girls. The seminars are intended to create an arena for debate on important integration issues.

Building competence within the public sector – MiRA Consult

The MiRA Center has extensive course activities, including dance, health and stress reduction for our users. We also have gatherings for single mothers with topics such as health, school, Norwegian laws and regulations, expectations and rights.

Through MiRA Consult, we offer consulting services through professional guidance, courses, lectures and professional seminars that are relevant to private and public institutions, organizations and workplaces, and other interested parties. We give lectures at both regional and local level on, among other things, forced marriage, working life, inclusion of minority women, circumcision, mental health, sexuality, identity, etc.

Contact us through MiRA Consult for more information and about your work, and we will arrange a workshop of 2-3 hours of group work!

Information activities

Visibility requires active information work, and the MiRA Center publishes both audiovisual and written information material. We have published the magazine MiRA-Magasinet – Forum for minority women twice a year, which now is an online magazine. Our older editions are easily accessible on our website. You can also order our recently published brochures, reports and books here. The topics extends widely and comes in many different languages that provides important information and expertise related to important issues that minority women and young girls face in today’s society.

Resource persons associated with the MiRA Center also conduct extensive lecture activities in all parts of the country. Our expertise in this field after 30 years of work is unique. Please contact us on if you want to know more about what we can offer.