The second week of trial against Breivik is in process, and there are many questions about his ideological convictions. Racism,fakhrasalimi_small Islamophobia and the inferior position of women, are some of the ongoing themes in his “grand vision” of an ideal society. Somehow he is convinced that multiculturalism is dangerous for Norway, and he wants to reconstruct the nation as a monoculture white society. One can easily cast off this way of thinking by saying that multiculturalism, or diversity of cultural expressions, different religions and different ways of life is the reality of our contemporary society, and that it is impossible to go back to many hundred years in order to recreate the white male order. It is also obvious that the globalization has no place within such ideology. He’s been characterized as living in his own fantasy world without much connection to the reality.

Unfortunately there are many extremists around the world who fantasize and dream about a world where their ideology rules. Terrorism is often a result of such extreme beliefs. These ideologies are often male dominated and women’s place is always secondary to these men. In this newsletter we highlight some of the aspects of extremism and the women’s position. We hope to come back to many more articles to illustrate the issue in depth.
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