The MiRA Resource Centre for Black, Immigrant and Refugee Womenwill be hosting the seminar ”A life in exile – women and children fleeing war and conflict” at Litteraturhuset Monday February 22th from 11.00 to 13.00.Bilde flukt

In celebration of Women’s Day on March 8 and in light of the current refugee situation, the MiRA Centre will put political equality and global challenges at the top of the agenda.

Women and children make up a significant amount of today’s refugees, and are particularly exposed to abuse and exploitation while fleeing their country of origin. Violence against women and the violation of their rights remains one of the greatest challenges to equality both nationally and internationally, which is only exacerbated in times of war and conflict.

The seminar will raise the following questions:

       How can we prevent violence and assault against women and children who have fled their country of origin?

       Which policy measures should be taken to strengthen and protect the rights of women and children asylum seekers?

Through this seminar, The MiRA Center will examine these challenges within the framework of equality and political rights in the Norwegian society.

Sign up via email by Thursday 18th if you wish to attend. Registration is binding as we will be serving lunch. The seminar is free and open for all.






Introduction «A life in exile – women and children fleeing war and conflict»

by Fakhra Salimi, leader at the MiRA Centre


Gender equality and policy challenges for women and children refugees

by Raifeh Albahleh, activist from Syria


Legal protection for women and children refugees

by Ann-Magrit Austenå, Secretary General of NOAS (Norwegian Organization for Asylum Seekers)


How to prevent violence and abuse against women and children refugees?

by Patricia Kaatee, Political Advisor at Amnesty International

11.50 – 12.00



Traumas and strategies for survival while fleeing

by Susan Rakhsh, Sociologist


Health challenges among women and children refugees

by Maria Lundberg and Sofia Varges, Refugees Welcome – Health


Panel discussion and questions from the audience

12.50 – 13.00

Summary and conclusion