An opportunity to debate and discuss Islamic Feminism with Harvard Professor and author Leila Ahmad, Director of The MiRA Centre Fakhra Salimi and other leading feminist scholars.

Is oppression of women a part of Islam or a patriarchal interpretation of the religion? Does gender equality exist in Islamic culture? Does the Koran preach oppression of women? Is the inferior role of Muslim women universal to Islam or rather specific to a time and place in history?

The largest feminism debate of the year!
How does Islamic feminism fit into the popular feminism debate in Norway? Let’s put Muslim women in the gender equality agenda.

Conference fee: 150 NOK, unemployed women and students can apply for exemption.

The conference is open to anyone with an interest in feminism and Islam, both in Norway and globally. To register, please send an email to by Friday 26. November or call +47 22 11 69 20. Payment to be made to account no. 1607.55.52665. Please use “Feminist Forum” and your name as payment reference.

DATE AND TIME: Friday 3. December, 9.00-16.30
LOCATION: Oslo Plaza Hotel (Sonia Henies plass 3, Oslo)

Feminism refers to social, economic or political movements aimed at establishing and protecting equal rights and promoting equal opportunities for women. There is not only one form of feminism – various theories are based in different cultural, religious, ethnic and social contexts. In Norway, however, Muslim women have often been left out of mainstream feminist discourse and the movement towards equal rights for all.

This forum aims to provide a place to discuss Islamic feminism in general and more specifically to bring insight to the Norwegian public and create a larger debate regarding Islam and women in Norway.

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