ImageWomen with ethnic minority backgrounds often contact The MiRA Centre in order to seek advice regarding family-related issues. These issues could be related to choice of spouse, marriage, divorce, custody rights of a child, challenges in daily life, conflicts in the extended family or disagreement among family members. At The MiRA Centre, knowledgeable and competent advisers work hard to help women and young girls manage within difficult family situations. This support can range from offering advice on how to deal with the expectations family members may have of the woman or young girl to helping the woman or girl sort out her own priorities regarding her future. 

The MiRA Centre is a resource centre with expertise on issues related to migration, racism, gender and minority women. The centre offers training, courses, seminars and consulting services as well as lectures to interested individuals, institutions and organizations. If you would like to know more about our services, you can contact us by clicking here >>