ImageA large group of women who use our services is young girls with minority background – and many of their inquiries are about issues attached to sexuality. An important focus for us is prevention activities that promote the girls’ right to make decisions concerning their own bodies and sexuality – and we also offer advice and counseling to young girls and others who have questions concerning this topic.

A consistently predominant theme among minority girls’ inquiries to us about their sexuality is related to virginity. Many young girls with minority backgrounds who have had sexual relations before marriage experience great mental stress due to the fear that someone in their family or one of their future in-laws will discover that she is not a virgin.

The MiRA Centre provides extensive guidance and care around such matters. The MiRA Centre is committed to supporting the young girls in their own decisions and helping them to work through their fears and figure out exactly what they want for themselves.

If you have questions about  sexuality, need information regarding virginity or are wondering whether you are ready for a sexual relationship or you would like to discuss one or more of these issues, you can contact The MiRA Centre here >>

The MiRA Centre is a resource centre with expertise on issues related to migration, racism, gender and minority women. The centre offers training, courses, seminars and consulting services as well as lectures to interested individuals, institutions and organizations. If you would like to know more about our services, you can contact us by clicking here >>