The MiRA Centre puts a strong focus on efforts to prevent forced marriage. Due to an ever-increasing need and growing public attention towards the issue, The MiRA Centre created its own network for young girls with minority backgrounds in 1996. Since then we have targeted our efforts at highlighting and combating the issues around forced marriage that young minority women face. These issues include pressure from family members, physical and psychological violence from family members as well as poor communication between generations.

The MiRA Centres overall work regarding forced marriage includes both preventative and awareness raising efforts as well emergency interventions. This is done in a number of ways including: help in crisis situations, provision of counseling to those who want it, provision of individual and group conversations with The MiRA Centres own therapists, as well as activities that focus on personal development and self-awareness. Information dissemination to others involved in the situation is also important, including public officials, parents and other family members.

If you fear being forced into a marriage, have already been forced into a marriage or need a counseling session or support as you leave a difficult situation, you are welcome to contact The MiRA Centre. You can find the contact information here >>

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