ImageViolence against women is not a “woman’s problem” – just as it is not a “private matter”. It is a community’s problem. Since its inception, The MiRA Centre has fought for minority women’s right against assault, whether caused by public authorities and discriminatory practices or by violent practices within the woman’s family environment.

Violence against women has many forms – of which physical violence is only one. Other forms of violence include psychological abuse, sexual abuse, systematic oppression and damage to or threats against personal property. The consequences for those women affected by various forms of violence do not necessarily depend on the level of physical violence involved. The consequences of long term psychological violence, having one’s personal property destroyed or witnessing violence against other persons in the family can be just as, if not more, serious than the consequences of a single or repeated physical assault. The MiRA Centre has developed special expertise regarding forced marriages and female circumcision and issues connected to other forms of gender-based violence.
The MiRA Centre works to create a society free from all forms of gender-based violence. Our methods of handling this issue are diverse and include: giving help in crisis situations, counseling, preparing relevant court statements, publishing information in our own media and in external media, network-building, running seminars and having direct contact with minority women and girls who have experienced violence. We offer counseling sessions, free consultations with lawyers, discussion groups, workshops and theme-evenings and we hold an open house at our centre one day each week from 15.00–19.00 hours.

The MiRA Centre is a resource centre with expertise on issues related to migration, racism, gender and minority women. The centre offers training, courses, seminars and consulting services as well as lectures to interested individuals, institutions and organizations. If you would like to know more about our services, you can contact us by clicking here >>