The MiRA Resource Centre for immigrant and refugee women has received the Laksov Award for their work against racism and gender-based discrimination and for human rights advocacy.

The foundation was started by Amalie Laksov in 1983 in memory of her four brothers, Carl, Benjamin, Harry and Leonard Scheer and her husband Håkon Laksov, who were all killed in German concentration camps in 1943.  In the funds constitution, it says that the award should be given out to honor “people or institutions that through their actions, in writing, speech or artistic expression have defended human rights and worked against racial discrimination and religious persecution”.

Fakhra Salimi said in her acceptance speech that this award is a clear declaration from the foundations board, that even today work against racism, anti-Semitism and the fight for women’s rights is very important.  She emphasizes also that minority women in Norway today fight a triple battle; they are women, they are minorities and they often belong to the lowest socioeconomic class in society.

Minority women must fight a complex battle – fight for our rights, both as part of a minority group and as women and in this struggle we need supporters and we need all those who have paved the way before us.

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