The MiRA Resource Centre for Black, Immigrant and Refugee Women provides a meeting place where women and young girls with minority backgrounds can come together to discuss their issues and support one another.

Through various activities, the minority women are involved in creating, promoting and increasing the visibility of their potential resources and the contribution they make to the Norwegian society.

Increasing visibility of minority women in the community is best accomplished by highlighting their lives and experiences in a social context where they are engaged in the workforce, in politics and other social and public arenas.   

The MiRA Centres objective is to promote active participation of women in the formation of Norwegian society where all citizens should be considered equal. Please contact us if you are interested in participating in the empowerment of women with minority backgrounds.

Real equality
The MiRA Centre works with questions related to race, gender and equality in Norway. Through legal support, the provision of information and networking opportunities, courses, political participation and cultural and social activities, we seek to improve the quality of life for minority women in Norway. Read also: MiRA: Now and Then >>

Black, immigrant and refugee women have been contributing to the Norwegian society for many years. Their contributions are however marginalized within the mainstream public debates where a negative image is often presented together with the stereotype images. An important part of The MiRA Centres work is break these stereotype images and highlight the contribution of minority women to Norwegian society. It is important to show the resources women possess as individuals with diverse backgrounds and their daily struggle to overcome the barriers of language and discrimination.

Don´t hesitate to contact us if you need:
– someone to talk to
– advice and guidance through a difficult situation 
– to increase your social network and/or community involvement

We offer services and guidance regarding: 
– education choices 
– problems at home or at school
– communication between generations
– legal and psychological counseling
– legal help concerning among other things, family reunion, marriage and divorce
– gender and racial discrimination at work
– forced marriage
– family violence

Sign up with our network and begin to turn your ideas into reality together with other women and girls with minority backgrounds. You can also send us an e-mail with your suggestions for activities you would like to see happen or feedback on our work here at The MiRA Centre.