Young people are the future of our society. The MiRA Centre feels the same about young minority girls. Together with this group and their commitment, the Center will develop toward a future and a society that minorities themselves help to define.

Conditions under which girls grow up varies between individuals but we have one thing in common – that we live in societies with predefined gender roles- roles that guide and place restricitions on our lives. It is these roles that we at the center actively challenge and try to redefine while creating new conditions that can lead to the enrichment of our lives and our futures.

The MiRA Centre has a long history of working with issues related to young girls with minority background and their daily challenges. Questions that often come up concern identity, family, traditions, sexuality and health, education and work opportunities.

If you a young girl with a minority background and have any questions or need someone to talk to, please do not hesitate to contact us >>

The MiRA Centre also provides assistance to people or institutions who work directly with young minority girls. If you have questions or would like to consult us about relevant issues, you are also welcome to contact us. We want to emphasize that the centres employees have to abide by a code of confidentiality.

About the girls group “Let me speak”
The MiRA Centre has a networking group for young girls where the goal is to offer young minority girls a place where they can define their own reality and participate in activities according to their own desires and interests. The group consists of minority girls with different backgrounds and range in age from 13 to 26 years old. The activities include different courses, discussion groups, internet and Face book interactions, excursion, watching movies together and much more!

Join our network >>