Who is a Norwegian?  What are Norwegian values? And how can we get a multicultural Norway to function in a positive way? Minority women attempt to give us answers.

Both young girls and women with minority backgrounds participate in this film. Their discussions centre on how they view Norwegian society – the values which they believe this society is built upon and which challenges that lie in the intersection between minorities and the majority in Norway.

Freedom, identity, belonging and loyalty are some of the themes that come up in the film.

As the minority, it is important to see your own cultural background as worthy and as a strength that one can be proud of. At the same time, both the majority and the minority should realize that one can have his own opinions and still show respect for the beliefs and views of others.

It is difficult to answer the question “What is typically Norwegian?”. Nothing is actually typically Norwegian without also being something else. Regardless, this film attempts to present some Norwegian values if only to reveal new perspectives of the Norwegian society that we all belong to.

Norwegian values as seen through minority women’s eyes can be connected to teachings and are recommended for everyone who is interested in issues related to a multicultural Norway.

Price: 300 NOK (DVD)