Both in Norway and the other Nordic countries it has been until recently a rarity to see black people perform live in the media or in public arenas such as culture scene, and in politics. Black peoples misery, sad fates or criminal activity has dominated. This perception of their life situation is not true among most minority people.

Odins women 1-5 is a film series from each of the Nordic countries, which was prepared in conjunction with the book of the same name.

Odins kvinner 1. Iceland: Growing up in the North
Young women with minority background talk about their experiences (DVD)

Odins kvinner 2. Sweden: Challenging the Stereotypes
Minority women in politics (DVD)

Odins kvinner 3. Finland: If you can’t get a job – create one yourself
Minority women in business (VHS)

Odins kvinner 4. Norway: Different but alike
Minority women in family life (VHS)

Odins kvinner 5. Denmark/Greenland: The Modern Nomade
Breaking the barriers (VHS)

Price: 300 NOK per film