The handbook: I want to learn how to be happy in life (2006)

Stories of minority women seeking help at the MiRA Centre
This booklet discusses the Center’s experiences over the years with crises help and legal assistance.  In this book topic that are mentioned include such as domestic problems, family conflicts, forced marriages, social problems and difficulties associated with the asylum and refugee situation. The book shows among other things how these problematic situations are interconnected and how they impact the lives and health of young girls and women with minority backgrounds.
The handbook presents problem situations through concrete and anonymous cases which the women describe in their own words. Together with the cases, the circumstances around the problem situations and possible solutions are also presented, so that those who read the book get a broader insight into the different themes.  The handbook is an important contribution to increase the knowledge of the helping institutions about the realities of young girls and women with minority backgrounds.
Price: Printed copy 150 NOK / PDF copy 100 NOK 

Odins Women coloring the north (2001)
Fakhra Salimi (editor). This book presents a diverse picture of immigrant and refugee women in the north and helps to create role models for new generations of young girls with minority background. The idea behind Odins women is to promote positive images for minority youth and to contribute to the development of a diverse representation of people with minority backgrounds. This book is also an important contribution to show the active participation of immigrant and refugee women in the Nordic community.
Price: Printed copy 150 NOK / PDF copy 100 NOK 

Words in movement (1995)
Nita Kapoor/Fakhra Salimi (editors). This book is the first literary anthology edited, written and illustrated by women who have immigrated to Scandanavia. More than 30 authors with backgrounds from more than 20 countries express themselves in this book through their own poetry and prose. Words in movement covers a variety of themes and experiences from nostalgic memories about the home land to thoughts on love to critiques of society and liberation from the barriers that woman face worldwide. In this way, Words in movement contributes to a developing understanding of immigrant and refugee women’s reality in Scandanavia. The anthology is edited by Nita Kapoor and Fakhra Salimi. The book was published by Cappelen in 1995, but is now only available from The MiRA Centre.
Price: Printed copy 150 NOK