Violence against women is not a “women’s problem” – as little as it is a “private matter” . It’s a societal problem. (samfunnsproblem)

Since its creation, the MiRA-Centre has fought for the rights of minority women and against abuse, whether due to the discriminatory practices of large society and governments or the practice of violence in minority women’s own environments.

Violence against women has many forms of expression – of which physical violence is just one. Other forms of violence include mental violence, sexual violence, material violence and latent violence. The consequences for those affected by various forms of violence do not necessarily depend on the physical extent of violence. The consequences of prolonged mental violence, material violence and violence directed at other people in the family can be just as serious or more severe than the consequences of a single or repeated physical abuse. The MiRA-Centre has particular expertise in forced marriage and circumcision, and issues related to these forms of gender-based violence.

The MiRA Center counteracts all forms of violence through crisis help and counseling, preparation of relevant consultation statements, posts in its own and external media, through extensive networking and lecture activities and in direct contact with abused minority women and girls. We offer legal and social counseling, free conversation with a lawyer, discussion groups, workshops and theme evenings.

Do you work closely with young girls and women with a minority background? The MiRA Center is a knowledge bank on various minority issues and offers courses, lectures and consulting services based on our areas of expertise. If you want to hear more about these offers, please contact us on

The centre have also published different free broschure relating to violence against women. You can have a look at some of them under.